Elite Pins International Co.,Ltd

Ordering Process


    Send us your design and how many pins you want to get.


    We'll make a proof and e-mail you a price.


    We'll make the pins and ship them anywhere in the world.

Die Struck Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel is an excellent coloring alternative to Cloisonne and is frequently used for design with 3D relief.Brilliant enamel is hand filled into recessed areas and baked to harden.We can match any PMS color with pinpoint accuracy. The finish is available with or without an epoxy dome.


Zinc Alloy Die-casting

Die casting products range from small lapel pins to sophisticated emblems and medallions.The production begins by producing a special mold for injection then hot liquid molten alloy is injected into it for a very durable and high resolution product. Injection is recommended for products above 2" in length and for lapel pins or key chains that have numerous cut-outs.Zinc alloy injection is a great substitute material to brass to fit your budget.


Imitation Hard Enamel

Imitation hard enamel is a similar process to uses a brilliant colored resin in the filled areas.This piece is baked to harden and then highly polished.This process reveals small details beautifully and gives a glassy smooth finish to each piece.Silk screen printing may be added.Imitation is a fabuious alternative to cloisonne at a more economical price.


Offset Printing

Offset printing is the perfect alternative when the enamel filled process is not workable for the design.It enables us to create exact replication of your artwork.The printing is done directly on brass,aluminum,or stainless steel and can be plated with gold or nickel plating as another option.

An epoxy dome is applied to insure a durable and glossy finish.


Acid Etching

Photo etching is a process where the design is etched out by acid onto a brass sheet.Unlike die struck or injection,photo etched products can be as thin as 0.8mm and it enables us to reproduce very fine details.Silk screen printing and epoxy dome are available upon request.